Heart of the Willow

Wooden heart plaque shows a Willow Tree with the year 2022 in the centre. Around this are small, detailed aluminium hearts created by the students of Willow Tree Academy

In 2022 we began working with the Willow Tree Academy in Rotherham. Heart of the Willow is an exciting and interactive project which will the whole school together to co-design and create a mosaic celebrating love and communities made from re-cycled materials.

Through a series of live workshops, we worked with students to create heart items with polymer clay which were individually decorated.

We then fired all 820 of these hearts so that they can be used as a pattern in the aluminium casting process which will be fully assembled to create a stunning, unique and meaningful heart shaped mosaic around a central ‘Willow tree’ centrepiece.

We loved working with the students and staff at Willow Tree Academy and love that the organic installation will continue to grow each year when new students arrive and create their own hearts!

Our Weekly Session with the MCVC (Military Community Veterans Centre)

Every Thursday we open our doors to the Military Community Veterans Centre for both a morning and afternoon session during which members and associates of the MCVC are invited to join us for a session. The sessions prove to be very popular so booking is definitely required!

The sessions involve a mix of media craft, design processes and witty conversational banter! Most attendees are working on individual ‘aluminium’ projects ranging from keyrings, gifts for loved ones and memorial creations.

Two male military community veteran participants are working together to saw a piece of wood for part of their designs.
Group of Military Community Veteran's gathered outside their Wall of Honour at Casting Innovations following their session

Another group are working together to create a larger scale outdoor installation. We have a growing ‘Wall of Honour’ which is an external wall where we recreate regimental designs and insignias.

These designs are meticulously decorated and as a group, we take great pride in unveiling a new addition.