School Projects

We have extensive experience delivering projects in schools. We will work with you to agree the scope of the project. The project can be delivered on a single site or scaled for use across a school or area cluster.

What students will gain from the project

Students benefit from an interactive and inclusive sessions which allow them to see a waste product re-designed and re-purposed into something attractive and functional. It allows them the opportunity to experience an end-to-end production process. Teamwork is a key component of the sessions as children work collaboratively with their peers and session leaders to solve problems and deliver results.

The production process is visually impressive, working with molten aluminium at over 1000ºC in a controlled and safe environment which will bring excitement and the wow factor to the process and offer a unique experience. The process is also a sensory immersion as the materials, heat and smells create a tactile environment.

This can be linked directly to the science, maths and design curriculum.

We can offer wide range of bespoke group activities and demonstrations to meet your needs so get in touch!